A Modest Proposal to Make Money While Writing

You probably don’t know this, but it turns out being an indie author is expensive. Not only are there certain unavoidable costs inherent in the time spent producing the work like food, housing, and copious amounts of caffeine as we shout into the abyss wondering if we should have just been a plumber, but there’s […]

My Debut Novel Mushroom Blues Available Now

Mushroom Blues has now been available for just over 2 weeks and I am absolutely blown away by the support I’ve already received. “Gritty, atmospheric, and unreservedly original, Gibson’s fungalpunk debut infuses dashes of cyberpunk, noir, and weirdness to create something awe-in-spore-ing.” -David Walters, FanFiAddict.com The book is now available in kindle & KU, paperback, […]

Advanced Reviews for The Son of The Prophets are Overwhelmingly Positive

“A heart-pounding, exhilarating continuation of a sweeping space opera, with the detailed worldbuilding and scope necessary to become a must-read for lovers of fantasy and science fiction.” -The Dragon Reread: SFF Insiders “Takes the series to the next level!” -Dana T: Sights and Sounds of Writing Blog “Easily 5/5 and a series you need to […]